The case for online dating

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January 24, 2018
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July 4, 2018

The case for online dating

I was speaking with a friend the other night who told me that she adamantly refused to try online dating. She is in good company. Many people are reluctant to give this a shot. They site losers, liars, players and the general feeling that something is wrong with anyone who has to resort to online dating to meet people.

However, getting past these objections may be the best thing that ever happened to your love life. Statistically, online dating is your best shot at meeting someone in this day and age. Refusing to date online is like trying to sell your house without listing it on the MLS. Sure, it can happen, but you’ve got a much better shot if you use one of the best tools available to you today.

With online dating, the numbers are in your favor, it’s efficient and you can find out much more about a person in this medium than any other way. It’s difficult to argue with numbers, and they are vastly in your favor with online dating.

Recent research reveals that up to one-third of new marriages started with an online introduction.

This is HUGE! No other single source of introductions can make this claim, not bars, fix-ups, friends, nothing. Online dating has the best statistics by far.

Online dating is extremely efficient. Where else can you look at hundreds of people at one time? It’s much cheaper and more practical than going out every night trying to meet people. Even if you went out every single night, you would only meet a handful of people each time and let’s face it, who wants to go out every night? Going out is also much more expensive and time consuming than online dating is.

You can find out a lot more about a person online than at a social event. While it is true that some folks are less than honest online, this can happen in real life too. Generally speaking, you can still find out much more online about many more people than you can in person. Period. You can spend half the night talking to someone who doesn’t want kids, lives two hours away, never wants to get married, etc. You can find that stuff out in 30 seconds online. Enough said.

But isn’t it unromantic? Well, I happen to think that it’s always romantic to meet someone you end up being in love with, but if not, isn’t it also unromantic to spend years alone because you refuse to take advantage of modern technology to find love? Please. If you are single and you want to find love, fill out an online profile today. You may well be the next happy statistic!


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