Are you too flawed to find love?

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September 14, 2015
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September 28, 2015

Are you too flawed to find love?

After meeting with a dating disappointment, having yet another birthday or watching a friend get engaged or married, it’s easy to be tempted to believe that you are too old, or too overweight or too (fill in the blank) to ever find love.

This is an easy thing to believe in our youth-obsessed culture where it seems to be all about being young, rich and physically attractive. The question is, “Is it true?”

I’d be lying if I said that looks don’t matter at all and that you shouldn’t be concerned with taking care of your body and being the best person you can be. That said, there will always be someone younger, thinner, or richer than you.

Plenty of people have whatever you believe your issue is and have still managed to find love.

People are pairing off and falling in love every single day and none of them are perfect.

If you use “I’m too…” as an excuse not to put yourself out there, you are shooting yourself in the foot.The phrase “Nobody’s perfect” is a cliché for a reason. It’s true!

There are no perfect people and yet, people do manage to get themselves into loving relationships all the time. You are not the one person in the universe that can’t have love. You are no more flawed than anyone else is. We all have our issues. Give yourself a break. Be the best person you can be and take action toward creating the life you want to have.

About 2.3 million couples get married every year in the United States alone. Many more than this decide to move in together or find a significant other. There’s really no reason you can’t find someone.

Human beings are social creatures and we are wired to connect with one another, to seek a mate. Even with all of the alternative lifestyles that are available and acceptable today, the majority of people still seek a monogamous relationship.

If you are in the market for a boyfriend or husband, you will eventually meet someone who is interested in having this kind of relationship with you. This person will probably be close to your age, income level and level of physical attractiveness. In short, unless you’re reaching way out of your league, the odds are in your favor.

If you’re not putting yourself out there and attempting to date because you believe that you are too flawed in some way, you’re creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Of course you’re much less likely to find love if you don’t try. You’re much less likely to have anything if you don’t try. This has nothing to do with your perceived fatal flaw, it has to do with you taking yourself out of the game.

People from all kinds of extreme circumstances find love and we applaud them. We love to see people defy the odds and create wonderful lives for themselves. Whatever you’re concerned about in your life is probably not extreme. You can join the ranks of people who are in loving relationships. Leave the doubts at the door and choose to put yourself in love’s way today.


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