Are You Seeing The Wrong Red Flags?

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June 17, 2020
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July 1, 2020

Are You Seeing The Wrong Red Flags?

There is much concern about red flags in today’s dating environment.

It’s common to feel cautious, especially if dating has been challenging or disappointing more often than not.

But in our zeal to avoid bad experiences, it’s possible to go too far the other way.

Some things can be off-putting, but they aren’t red flags.

And just because you’re not used to something doesn’t make it a red flag.

Using a term of endearment is not a red flag.

Neither is wanting to meet in person or being excited about someone.

Talking about oneself in the hopes of impressing a date may be a bit off-putting, but it is not a red flag.

Red flags are a thing.

I’m not suggesting that you make excuses for someone who treats you poorly.

But be cautious of calling something a red flag just because you don’t especially like it or find it annoying.

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