Are you seeing someone you really like, but you’re not quite sure where things are going?

Is there a lack of plans, talk of the future, or anything very substantial at all?

You’re starting to have feelings for him and you hope he feels the same way.

If he asked you to be his girlfriend, you’d be thrilled.

Sometimes you think he’s getting closer and then you don’t hear from him for days.

You know it shouldn’t bother you because there’s no label, but it hurts.

You may be in a “situationship”.

A situationship is, well, undefined.

This is different from “friends with benefits” which is defined, even if it’s not what you really want.

If you’re longing for a lasting connection that will lead to forever love, you don’t have time for situationships.

They suck your time and energy and hurt your heart, leaving you disappointed and jaded.

The #1 way to avoid getting into a situationship is to be open and honest about your relationship goals.

Write a profile that makes them clear and find out what your dates are looking for early on.

Refuse to date anyone who clearly indicates that he’s not looking for anything serious.

If he’s vague about what his plans are, consider yourself warned.

Learning to communicate effectively and stand for your relationship goals will help you get into the kind of relationship you really want.

It can feel scary at first, but is well worth the effort.

There are ways to position yourself in the dating world to clearly indicate that you are in this for the creation of something.

You want to be courted and find lasting love.

These are good and honorable things, even in 2021.

There are men who want these things too, and the fastest way to find them is to be honest about what you’re looking for and pass on the situationships.

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