Are you holding out for a fairy tale?

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May 10, 2015
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May 24, 2015

Are you holding out for a fairy tale?

Love is such an emotional area of life. It doesn’t easily lend itself to cold hard facts or scientific research. We resist being pragmatic when it comes to love, preferring instead to believe in magic and all things romantic. Love can be magical, but counting on magic to bring someone into your life is problematic. When a belief is keeping what you want most away from you, it’s time to question it.

Love is one of the few areas in life where we are actually encouraged to have unrealistic expectations.

One of the most harmful of these is the belief that love is supposed to just happen and if you do anything to help it along you are desperate and somehow less of a woman. This has to stop! This myth is keeping you alone and stuck and I will not stand for it.

You would never lock yourself in your house and starve, believing that someone would bring you food if it was meant to be. When else in your life did you ever wait for something to just land in your lap because it would “just happen” if it were meant to be? Not anything really important like your education, career, not even your health and fitness if you’re over a certain age.

Anyone who has enjoyed a decent measure of success in life has learned to work for a desired outcome and while that can be challenging it is something that we expect to do. Except in love. Why is that?

Love is worth working for. I want you to have beautiful, soul-stirring love. You deserve to wake up next to someone who adores you every morning. My life’s work is to help you to find someone who loves and cherishes you to share your life and your dreams with. This is all so worth getting out of bed for.

Why leave something so important to chance when you can take some actions to increase the odds of it happening? Once you have this person in your life, does it really matter where you met him? Is it really the end of the world if you have to go to some singles events or date online if you find the man of your dreams in the end?

We are waiting longer to pair off these days. Once we graduate from college and establish our careers it can be more difficult to meet someone naturally. Putting in some effort to reach for your dreams is not desperate, it’s smart. You’re not going to walk around begging men to date you for heaven’s sake! You just need to put yourself in places where you could actually meet someone on a regular basis and make decisions that increase the odds of what you want actually happening.

Making a plan of action for finding love may not sound very romantic, but being in that loving relationship sure does. If you want to meet someone special, do something about it on a regular basis. Fill out an online profile, talk to people when you’re out and about, go to singles events and chat up someone new.

We all know we need to interview for the jobs we want, show up at the gym and sweat to stay fit, shell out some money at the salon if we want to look fantastic and show up for work if we expect to get paid. We are grown women and it’s time to get real about love. We are used to putting in some effort to create the lives that we want to have and most of the time we’re ok with that.

I believe that love and relationships may be the last frontier in women’s empowerment. This is one of the very few areas where I see that women still do not feel like they can go for what they want. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can decide today that you will have the life of your dreams and start taking action. I’ll be cheering you on.


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