If you’ve been single for years because you’re determined not to settle, I get it!

You’ve come this far on your own, so why would you settle now?

If anything, you want to double down and make sure you find someone worth waiting so long for.

But consider the possibility that you’re already settling.

You’ve been settling for years by choosing to remain alone in the hopes of a future that is becoming more unlikely with each passing day.

Because dating definitely gets harder as you get older.

When you continue to hold out and not settle for guys you think are un-datable, you’re settling for coming home to an empty house every day.

You’re also settling for spending most nights and weekends alone.

And having no one to come with you to events or to hold you when you’re sick or tired or sad.

Maybe you’re even settling for crumbs from unavailable guys who never quite step up.

How much is not settling really costing you?

Are you willing to continue to pay this very real price for the imaginary payoff you’re hoping will materialize one day?

If you want to have a flesh and blood man in your life sooner rather than later, but you don’t want to settle, I can help.

There’s a huge difference between settling for someone unsuitable and holding out for the unattainable.

I can help you find guys who have the qualities that matter most so that you can have the kind of man, and relationship you really want.

Apply for your dating plan makeover call with me today and let’s chat.

You’ll leave our call with real actionable advice to help you get into the relationship you really want.

To learn more, check out this video!

Ready to stop leaving your love life to chance? Apply for your call today.

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