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Are you ready to find true love?

You're an amazing woman. You have so much going for you and you know you're a fantastic catch. You just want to meet a great guy already! Where is he??

I can help!

I’m Renée Suzanne, a life coach for women who want to find true love.

My own long and painful struggle with dating inspired me to become a coach.

I used to be a total dating disaster! I spent well over a decade as a single mom of four children and my love life was non-existent. I spent so many nights alone wondering if I'd be single forever.

I know what you're up against out there.

I tried EVERYTHING I could think of to find a good guy; online dating, singles groups, makeovers, fix-ups, even a matchmaker, but the guys I wanted to date didn’t seem to know I was alive.

My search left me so exhausted and heartbroken that I gave up for many years.

After my kids grew up, I moved to the city and decided to try again. I was so sure that everything would be different, but nothing had changed except my address. I tried online dating again, but it was more exhausting than fun.

It felt so draining to have man after man pass through my life, many left without a word or even a text.

I went on hundreds (yes hundreds) of dates and I couldn't understand why all my hard work wasn't paying off. I endured so much disappointment that I was on the verge of giving up again, but I just couldn't do it.

Instead, I bought myself a ring, looked at myself in the mirror as I placed it on my finger and promised myself that I was going to have love in my life no matter what.

My husband took that ring off my finger the day we married.

He's the best man I've ever met in my life, and I met him on Tinder!

You see, good men are everywhere and it's not as hard to find them as you think.

I passed on so many opportunities to date amazing guys because I was looking for the wrong things.

I'm so glad I was finally able to meet and marry the love of my life and I want that for you.

Finding love doesn't have to take that long or be that hard. I sure wish I'd known what I do now when I was single. I could have avoided so many pitfalls.

You can benefit from everything I learned!

You can start dating better men and have a real, satisfying relationship. I'll be your own personal BFF when you're out there dating and I'll have your back the whole time.

Imagine waking up next to a man who loves you every single morning and knowing that your heart is safe with him.

You'll have the peace of knowing that he's waiting for you at the end of the day. He'll be there to cuddle with you and hold your hand when you're out for a walk together.

Having someone wonderful to share your life with is so ridiculously amazing. And it is possible for you, I promise!

If you're ready to find the love of your life, apply for your discovery call with me here and let's make it happen.

You can find the love of your life much sooner than you think!

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