5 Habits That Are Keeping You Single

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October 3, 2018
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October 17, 2018

5 Habits That Are Keeping You Single

Do you know what’s keeping you single?

There are 5 habits I see all the time that derail women’s love lives. I used to do a lot of these things when I was single, so I know all about them. They can be a bit sneaky, and you may think these things are just happening to you, but they can be patterns.

If you’re feeling brave, ask your friends if they see you doing this stuff. You definitely want to ditch these ASAP so that you can stop sabotaging your chances at finding love.

1) Dating unavailable people We’re all so busy and it can be very easy to take weeks to get together for a first date. Once that actually happens, it takes forever to get around to the second. You settle for texts and never talk on the phone. You ask him to call but he continues to text. Sometimes. You tell yourself he has to travel, he has kids, or he has an important job. All these things may be true, but relationships require an investment of time. If he’s not willing or able to spend time with you, please move on to someone who is. Don’t settle for crumbs.

2) Impossible standards I’m not talking about expecting to be treated with respect and kindness. That should be a given. I’m referring to superficial standards that have nothing to do with a good relationship. My favorite are, the three 6’s: does he have to be 6 feet tall, make 6 figures and have 6 pack abs? You may think that’s ridiculous, but I bet you have standards that you’re holding onto that may are keeping you alone. I used to insist that the men I dated be childless city-dwellers. (I married a man who lived in another state and has 2 kids and we couldn’t be happier!) Whatever your deal breaker is, does it have anything to do with actually being capable of having a great relationship? If not, do yourself a favor and reconsider.

3) Instant love Do you insist that he give you butterflies? If you don’t feel an instant connection do you decide it’s just not a match? You’re already checked out before the appetizers arrive and your eyes are glazing over. You check Tinder while he’s in the men’s room. Stop. If he’s at all what you’re looking for otherwise, consider that he may have had a bad day, be shy, or that he may be nervous because you’re unbelievably gorgeous. (You know you are!) If he doesn’t knock your socks off on the first date, please consider giving it a little more time.

For the other 2 habits that may be keeping you single, check out this video: 

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