Your best year yet!

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August 2, 2017
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January 10, 2018

Your best year yet!

Are you ready to make this your best year ever? The beginning of the year is time to take inventory, to look at your life. Are you happy with the way things are? Is there something new you’ve been wanting to try? Do you want to date more, find a new relationship, meet the One? Are these the same goals you had last year? In order to create something new, you need to do something new.

I recently read a book called “Mindset” and loved it! In it, the author compared the “fixed mindset” to the “growth mindset”. People with the fixed mindset tended to value talent and natural ability and were adverse to failure so they did not stretch to meet their goals. They became discouraged quickly and their lives tended to stagnate or decline.

People who had the growth mindset, while not exactly enjoying failure, learned to embrace it as a learning experience and tried to find ways to do better next time. They valued grit, determination and hard work and it paid off for them. Big time. Some of our greatest heroes embodied this mindset, including Michael Jordan and Winston Churchill.

In order to achieve anything great, you’re going to need a growth-oriented mindset, a thick skin and some good old-fashioned determination.

How does this relate to dating or finding the One? It means that just because you didn’t meet the love of your life and marry them at 25, doesn’t mean that you never will. It’s ok if it takes some work. Most things worth having require effort to achieve. I’m here to bust the myth that love isn’t one of these things. Love is one of the most worthwhile things in life. It’s worth working for! So let’s begin with a strategy.

If finding love is a goal for you this year, it helps to look at the inside and the outside. You need to do both. The overall goal is to become the best, most amazing version of yourself possible so that you will be happy and on top of your game. When you are feeling wonderful and at a great place in your life, you will be in the best position to attract a partner.

It’s also the place where you will feel least in need of a partner to “fix” you or complete your life, so you will be more relaxed and attractive on dates and out meeting new people. Being the best you possible is always the most worthwhile goal, no matter what it is that you are hoping to achieve.


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