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When you’re ready to move forward and create the fabulous life you’ve always wanted, working with a coach is one of the best ways to do it. A coach can keep you motivated, hold you accountable to your goals and support you on your less-than-fantastic days. A coach can be your guide on the journey and it’s invaluable to have the right mentor. If you have a strong desire to step into the loving relationship you’ve always wanted, you’re in the right place.

Custom Online Dating Profiles

Is your online dating profile standing between you and love?

Do you have a lot of trouble deciding what to write online? Are you putting off joining a dating site because you don’t want to deal with writing about yourself?

If you don’t have a fantastic profile, you may be missing your best shot at love. I can help you create a great profile fast.


Imagine yourself one year from now, in the relationship of your dreams!


Praise & Love

Renée Suzanne is a very good listener and she stayed focused and on track during our work together.  She was very positive and made me feel like I could get what I wanted even when I had doubts. She gave great input when helping me write my online dating profile.  She helped me illustrate what I was looking for with specific examples. I would recommend her to everyone as I think her services are very relevant to what I was looking for and needed. Working with Renée was a great experience and I really appreciated all of her support and generosity.

Suzanne M.

Renée helped me to get a clear idea about what I'm looking for in terms of the Love of my life. Her energy, positive attitude and the way she points things out without being judgmental is absolutely great! I felt relieved lighter and warm inside after our session.

Ambre N.

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