love expert

November 20, 2019

Do You Think Finding Love is Too Much Work?

How do you feel about people who half-ass it? The guy or girl at work who’s just coasting? The checkout person who doesn’t even bother to greet you? Probably not great. We all respect people who go all in and do the best they can. Those people inspire us. But let’s face it, it’s easier to “phone it in” sometimes. I understand (and share) the temptation to do this, but the amazing life you want does not lie at the other end of checking out. What could you achieve if you went all in on your dream? Actually pulled out all the stops and did your very best to find the love you want? What would happen if you brought your “A game” to your search for love? Do you think you’d have better results if you posted great pictures, an amazing profile, and spent time on the site/app consistently? […]