January 24, 2018

The case for online dating

I was speaking with a friend the other night who told me that she adamantly refused to try online dating. She is in good company. Many people are reluctant to give this a shot. They site losers, liars, players and the general feeling that something is wrong with anyone who has to resort to online dating to meet people. However, getting past these objections may be the best thing that ever happened to your love life. Statistically, online dating is your best shot at meeting someone in this day and age. Refusing to date online is like trying to sell your house without listing it on the MLS. Sure, it can happen, but you’ve got a much better shot if you use one of the best tools available to you today. With online dating, the numbers are in your favor, it’s efficient and you can find out much more about […]
January 24, 2018

Love your Source

No matter what you believe (or don’t), many people find it helpful to connect with a higher power, a Source if you will. It helps to know that you are more than an infinitely tiny speck, living on a tiny clod of dirt and water, hurtling through space around a rather ordinary star on the fringes of a generic galaxy. It helps to feel known and loved, especially when you are single. So, whatever you call it, call on it. Often. You can start by simply asking Source (insert whatever word works for you) to be with you, to find you, to fill you with love. You can ask Source what to do, ask for insight, wisdom, help, guidance, love, and comfort. Your Source is always there, indeed, you can never be separated. Don’t worry about what to say or about doing it right, just reach out. Your Source will […]
January 24, 2018

Love your world

Is the world a better place because you are here? I bet it is. You don’t have to be a saint or the Dalai Lama to make the world a better place. You can just start in your teeny-tiny little corner of the world right now. You can do a random act of kindness for someone, encourage someone who may need a kind word, even a smile can lift a person’s spirits. There’s always something you can do. It is much easier to do a lot of small things than it is to do one big thing, so go ahead and start with small things. Living your purpose, cultivating a giving spirit and setting a good example are keys to loving your world. You can live on purpose and find work that you love to do. If you don’t know your purpose, then your purpose is to find your purpose! […]
January 24, 2018

Love your neighbor

In the quest for love, sometimes it’s easy to get a bit myopic. How many dates have you been on? How many more can you line up? What should you say/not say? Should you call/text/write? Will he/she contact you again? Id’ like to encourage you to take a step back and come from a place of love on your dates and with the people around you. Everyone wants love, from executives to panhandlers, celebrities to janitors, right down to the last person you dated. The desire to find love is one of the great equalizers of the human race. Remember this the next time you’re interacting with someone. Relax and open yourself up to being with this person at this very moment in time. This person in front of you has hopes, fears, dreams and challenges, just like you. Take a minute to not worry about whether he or she […]
January 24, 2018

Love starts with you

February is the month of love, hearts, flowers, chocolates, champagne. It’s easy to feel lost, empty, or just plain angry if you are single at this time. It may seem like everyone else in the world has this all figured out, but trust me, they don’t. If you are in any way dissatisfied with the state of your love life, my message to you today is that love starts with you. It’s true. Love starts with you. No one can go get a gallon of love at the store and pour it down your throat. The feeling of love resides within you, in your own heart. Remember the last time you held a puppy or a kitten or read an article about someone across the world who was in distress and your heart just felt like it would burst? That was your feeling, your heart, your love. Love is always […]

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