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My Story

I’m Renée Suzanne, a coach for smart successful women who want to find love. They’re frustrated with dating and just want to meet the right guy. I support them through the dating process so that they can have the loving relationship they’ve always dreamed of.

I love to help women open up to the possibility of living their dreams. I help them to see what they are capable of, to see their own awesomeness.

So many of us dream of finding love, but it seems to elude us. We think we have to be someone we’re not, play games or settle for someone who treats us poorly.

It was my own immense struggle in this area of life that inspired me to become a coach. After an early marriage to escape a difficult home life, I became a young mother. My husband passed away a few years later and I spent many years as a single mother of four children.

Being a single mom didn’t do much for my social life. I didn’t get out very often, not that it helped when I did. Guys near my age weren’t too keen on helping me raise all those kids. Those were very difficult, lonely years for me.

I tried online dating, singles groups, makeovers, professional photos, joining gyms, fix-ups, going to church, walking my dog around and talking to people, but the guys I wanted didn’t know I was alive. Exhausted and bitter, I gave up for many years.

After the kids grew up, I moved from the suburbs to the city and decided to try again. I went back to online dating, but it was more exhausting than fun. It felt emotionally draining to have all those men passing through my life. I just wanted to find someone to settle down with.

I had a moment of truth after getting my heart broken for about the 150th time. I had been considering giving up, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Instead, I bought myself a ring, looked at myself in the mirror as I placed it on my finger and promised myself I would figure it out one way or another. I was going to have love in my life and that was that. I still wear that ring every day.

After that, I took classes, workshops, got yet another makeover, and worked with a couple of coaches. It took a while but I was eventually able to build on that commitment to myself so I could sustain a relationship for longer than a few dates.

Then I started working with a new coach who talked about how the unconscious mind influences our lives. I’d read about working with the unconscious before, but had never pursued it because I didn’t understand it or know anyone who did.

I was surprised to learn that your unconscious mind runs your life and once you understand this and work with it, things can change very rapidly. I was able to see clearly what was holding me back from creating the life I desired and I knew what I needed to do.

I had a sense of peace, purpose and direction for the first time in my life. I also knew, really knew, that all the love I needed was within me and always would be. I could share this love with the world instead of desperately seeking to get it from others.

I decided to enroll in a coaching certification program and leave my cubicle behind after 19 years of corporate life so that I could help others find the same results I was getting. I became a love coach because of my passion for inspiring people to go for their dreams.

Ultimately, I believe that love is the biggest dream you can have in life, and I like to dream big. I hope you do too.

Together, we can make great things happen.

It is my fondest desire to help you find the love you’ve been searching for. It is possible for you if you are willing to reach for it and I can show you how. I sure wish I’d known what to do all those years ago.

Renée Suzanne Coaching is for anyone who wishes to have a wonderful love life, the life that is possible for anyone who is willing to reach for it.

You’re here on this planet to do more than survive, you’re here to have an amazing life and the love you’ve always dreamed of. I can help you make that happen, click here to find out how.

Together, we can discover your own special brand of “awesome” and uncover what is standing between you and your most cherished desire. You can have it. I can help.

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“5 Steps to Finding the Love of Your Life!"

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